If you are in London or in easy reach of London, I can visit your school to talk to classes about how I research and write non-fiction books, or run a range of workshops.
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Cross-curricular workshops look at a particular aspect of science, often from an unusual point of view. This leads to the children writing a creative, but scientifically accurate, piece covering a range of text types (for example, diary entries, report, newspaper article or story). These are some examples:

Materials - Years 2 to 3
This is based on How a Book is Made, which I wrote for Heinemann Library. It looks at the materials and printing processes involved in producing a book.

Surviving in the rain forest? - Year 4
What are the main problems and dangers you would encounter if you were stranded in a rainforest. How would you survive and could you find your way out?

Living in space - Year 5
How do astronauts cope with zero gravity? This workshop looks at how they move, eat, sleep and wash.

Volcanoes - Year 6 and 7
How do volcanologists study volcanoes and how do they protect themselves from the many dangers and hazards of an eruption.


I have CRB clearance, with an Enhanced Disclosure certificate, and Public Liability insurance cover for visits to schools as a writer.

What they said:
All the children still wanted to talk about your visit the next day and that's always a good sign! You were very kind and thorough in answering their questions.

Lynne Gilkes, Grendon Primary School

The children enjoyed the science writing workshops and, because they combine science and literacy, they helped them understand the science much better.
Mrs Neocleous, New North Community School,

The girls enjoyed the workshops and have done some great follow-up work.
Sophie Morley, Seaton House School, Sutton, Surrey.