I‘ve written more than 200 books for younger children. They include books on animals, the human body, the environment, materials, and dinosaurs.

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The Big Picture

Polar Bear

Homes that Move


A quirky look at unusual and fascinating aspects of the world.


A&C Black, 2010



White Wolves

Ocean It's My Home

Ocean Explorer

Tadpole Story

A Bean's Life


I wrote these books because they are about animals and plants, and I love the sea.


Protect our Planet

• Global Warming

• Polluted Air
• Oceans and Rivers in Danger
• Disappearing Forests
• Disappearing Wildlife

These books show how people are damaging the Earth and what we must do about it.

Heinemann Library, 2008

Protect our planet pic


Tadpole Story and A Bean's Life both describe the life cycles, but Tadpole Story is told from the tadpole's point of view.

A&C  BLACK, 2010

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